The truth that he didn’t start to see the litttle lady for a thirty days didn’t raise any alarms at that time.

The truth that he didn’t start to see the litttle lady for a thirty days didn’t raise any alarms at that time.

The truth that he didn’t start to see the litttle lady for a thirty days didn’t raise any alarms at that time.

“One time we asked her where Caylee had been, and she stated she ended up being aided by the nanny,” Campana says. “She had a reason straight away.”

Does Campana think Casey killed Caylee? He simply does not understand. “There’s a component of me personally that thinks she could not have done such a thing that way, then again there’s another section of me that’s like, maybe she did,” he states. In a choice of full instance, “There was no justice for Caylee. Just a few people know very well what took place, and we’ll probably never ever understand. It’s saddening.”

Just exactly What took place to Tony Lazzaro, the man Casey had been dating during the period of Caylee’s disappearance?

Lazzaro testified at Casey’s murder test that the pair met online, and therefore in their relationship Casey never talked about her daughter ended up being lacking.

Lazzaro later graduated from university and got work in Shoreham, nyc, their father told a neighborhood paper. He had worked into the music company for some time, but changed professions and it is employed in the construction industry, claims Campana, who adds which he recently saw photos on Facebook of Lazzaro’s wedding.

Can Casey ever be retried for Caylee’s murder? No, because of this appropriate clause understood as dual jeopardy, Jennifer Zedalis, manager of test training during the University of Florida Levin university of Law informs A&E Real Crime.

“Once you’re acquitted you can’t be recharged or tried once more when it comes to exact same crime,” says Zedalis, a previous general public defender and incoming chairwoman for the Florida Bar Association’s Criminal Law part.

Also, someone can’t be faced with just about any crimes which could took spot through the exact exact same criminal episode, she claims. For instance, Casey could never be tried in the smaller criminal activity of involuntary manslaughter in the event since the payment of this offense might have happened into the exact same event as the first-degree murder, which is why she had been found not liable. “You can’t parcel it out piecemeal,” she says.

Zedalis points out that an acquittal does not suggest you didn’t get it done. “‘Not accountable’ means maybe maybe not proven,” she states. “It does not suggest we think you’re innocent.”

Exactly exactly exactly What became of Zenaida ‘Zanny the Nanny’ Gonzalez, whom Casey reported was taking care of Caylee whenever she went lacking? Gonzalez was interviewed by police, but no costs were ever filed against her in case. She sued Casey for defamation in 2013, but that situation had been tossed away from court in 2015 after a judge that is federal Casey’s statements would not legitimately qualify as harmful.

In January 2016, Gonzalez ended up being arrested on theft fees after Osceola County (Florida) deputies stated that while being employed as a cleaner at a motel, she stole a cancer tumors patient’s bank card and charged $850 about it at area shops.

At the time of the book with this article, the scenario have not yet been adjudicated, relating to Osceola County court public records.

Casey Anthony in 2020 On January 14, 2020, Casey Anthony won another battle that is legal to Caylee’s murder case. a federal appeals court ruled against Roy Kronk, the meter audience whom discovered Caylee’s human anatomy, in their lawsuit against Anthony for defamation. The Miami Herald stated that Kronk had advertised that Anthony along with her solicitors “published false and defamatory statements about their through the investigation into Caylee’s disappearance and Anthony’s subsequent trial that is criminal” relating to federal court papers.

George and Cindy Anthony in 2020 Casey Anthony’s moms and dads George and Cindy nevertheless reside in the same Orlando, Florida house where Casey and Caylee had been staying in 2008. In September 2019, they effectively resolved a case that is foreclosure their property.

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