A few users reported some software bugs on their device.

A few users reported some software bugs on their device.

A few users reported some software bugs on their device.

Acer 514 Full HD Touch Display. If money isn’t a problem, the Acer Chromebook 514 is a super powerful Chromebook. Acer Chromebook 11.6? Laptop. The reason for the 4.4 rating is this is a great Chromebook for the price. In terms of specifications, the Chromebook R11 exactly matches the rest of the Chromebook market. The machine is powered by a 1.6 GHz quad-core Intel Celeron N3150 processor, with 2 or 4 GB of RAM. HD anti-glare LED-backlit. Cost: Est. $240. And, kids won’t lose patience because it works fast. 14-inch diagonal HD SVA WLED anti-glare screen. 14-Inch Full HD IPS screen. Intel Celeron N3160 quad-core processor.

Having 4 GB of RAM gives this the ultimate in multi-tasking power. Yet, the 1368 x 768 pixels will have kids in awe of the resolution. Cost: Est. $600. Dell Chromebook 11, Intel Celeron-N2840. The Chromebook won’t do anyone any good if it doesn’t hold a charge long enough for your child to take it to the class he needs to audit, or it doesn’t make it to the end of the learning app he needs for school. And there’s nothing more frustrating (and scary! ) than your computer dying without you being 100% sure your work was saved.

If you’d rather trust them with their own computer, this is still a better option for the gaming addicts who can’t seem to pull themselves away from their phone’s games or their gaming console to get their work done. With a traditional laptop, so many games could be downloaded and added to the laptop to create distractions that purchasing your child one just for his use may result in worse grades than ever. The 9-hour battery life is sufficient to last through a day of school and projects. The laptop comes with a micro SD card reader, which lets you expand the available memory storage available. Intel Celeron N3060 processor. 720p webcam.

HP Chromebook 11 G4 EE. This Chromebook features a compact size and mid-level specifications to strike an ideal balance of utility and price. There isn’t a noticeable difference when you look at the machines powered off, save the likelihood of the Chromebook tends to be a bit smaller, traditionally. You can’t count on that, though, because there are wide screen Chromebooks and small laptops. While the feature is unnecessary for well lit rooms or in a tablet mode (if you have a convertible), it’s absolutely critical to see the keys while taking notes off a PowerPoint presentation in a darkened room. They may not be in all his classes, it’s still best to prepare for when they do; and the chances of using it for games in his own darkened room while he should be sleeping make it a bit more beneficial, too.

With its large multi-touch keypad, it gives you better control during use. It comes with built-in applications for all your day-to-day needs, and keeps your files safely backed up to the cloud, with automatic, free updates that help your Chromebook get better every day. That means he’ll be able to unplug the Chromebook and take it with him for his entire school day (and power save for parts of the day he doesn’t use it). When he gets home, he can plug it in and continue any work he has to complete. You can even use the stylus to take a screenshot, enlarge or unlock the screen. Not only did he beat a vast majority of laptops in his own category, but he’s also better than most Android devices, though we have to set our nerves aside from the weakness of the speakers and the keyboard. Boot time is under 10 seconds, and shut down takes around three seconds. Plus, it offers up to an eight-hour battery life.

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